Children and Youth

Follow the Whitefriars Church Safeguarding Policy principles in all our children's and young people's groups

Sunday Activities  

Jack in the Box (preschool & reception age) - On a Sunday morning during the service, the staff room is set up with toys where you can take your pre-school baby/child if they or you need a break!  There will also be some activities provided for your toddlers to engage in.

 Energize (school years 1-5) - This group meets in the lower School hall and includes a fun mixture of activities including Bible teaching, games and crafts.

ReFuel (school years 6-8)  - This group meets in the Bridge and includes teaching and study as well as games and discussions.                                                                                                      

Quenched (school years 9+) This group meets in the conservatory on the 1st and 4th Sundays of the month and provides a space for our teenagers to explore the Bible together through discussions and study. On the 3rd and 5th Sundays we encouage our teenagers to take part in the service through helping out in the younger groups, joining the worship group, being on the welcome team and listening to the sermon.

  Lego - Learning and Experiencing God with Others, is a small discipleship group for young people in  years 7+. It meets at the Bridge on Sundays (in term time) from 5.30-7pm. We spend  time chatting  and studying God’s word and issues that affect young people today.  Click here or contact  Imogen on  07738 596776 for more information.




Through the week

Fruit runs weekly during term-time on a Tuesday evening from 6.45 - 8pm at the High  Street Wesleyan Church Hall in Queen Street, Rushden, and is for school years 6 to 11. £1 subs. Come  and relax after school in a relaxed environment with pool, table tennis, sports and crafts and a chance to  learn about faith.  For more information click here

Other Activities

Assemblies - Whitefriars church staff take assemblies in a number of local schools—Whitefriars Junior and Infant, Denfield Park Primary and Rushden Academy.  The aim is to help them reflect about how loving God and our neighbours makes a difference in the world.

Whitefriars Primary School - We partner with Whitefriars Primary School in lots of ways—to serve the children and the wider community.  Our weekly Sunday services meet there.  During the week our staff team helps with the prayer room, takes assemblies, runs a lunchtime club for year 6's discussing moral issues and are available to support children, staff and families.