Safeguarding forms and documents

Safeguarding is a priority here at Whitefriars Church.  We are committed to following government and Church of England guidelines on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults; and good working practice, including safer recruitment of volunteers and paid workers.

We work to a formal Safeguarding Policy which can be viewed here

All our volunteers work according to our policy (as above) which is supported by our Volunteer Covenant

The following forms are in use in Whitefriars Parish: -

Safeguarding report form - for reporting any concerns with regards to safeguarding issues

Accident/incident report form - for reporting any accidents or incidents which occur during activities supported by Whitefriars Church

Driver consent form - for all drivers to confirm their details prior to undertaking driving of children and vulnerable adults for Whitefriars Church activities

Bridge booking form - for all users of the Bridge

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